• smallmeasureFriends, today is the big day!!! Our new books "The Essential Book of Homesteading" and "A Year of Picnics" are officially out in the big, wide world, woohoo! I'm celebrating today with a Beginning Homesteading Package Giveaway, including: a signed copy of "The Essential Book of Homesteading", a NORPRO 6-piece Canning Set, a bag of @cultures4health cheese salt, two @happyhentreats ceramic nest eggs, and a lovely olive wood honey dipper. TO ENTER: simply leave a comment below sharing your favorite homesteading activity, from beekeeping to canning, yogurt-making to chicken-keeping, and beyond. THE DETAILS: I'll run the giveaway for one week, ending midnight EST on April 11th. Giveaway open to residents of North America only (sorry, international buddies!). Happy homesteading, friends!!!
  • the_hunters_daughterSo excited for this book! I love canning the lush bounty of summer to stash away and enjoy in the winter months. It's really the only way of planning for the future that I have mastered.
  • thecatherinecampbellCheesemaking is wonderful. I love the whole process. ❤
  • allisonv13I love yogurt making
  • clairewm4321I love to freeze all of the summer veggies and fruits from my garden and the farmers market! Thank you for the chance to win! 💞
  • fulklauraI love baking bread. Thanks for a chance to win.
  • barefootmotherI love brewing our own kombucha, baking bread, growing veggies, canning sauces....Gosh, what's NOT to love?
  • tiny_mightnycI'm liking trying my hand at new kinds of baking. I love canning. I miss our chickens. My Smalls are into all of these things, thankfully.
  • heidi_nawGardening!
  • glgiuliaGardening & preserving the harvest, baking bread with local grains, & sharing the experiences with my children. 💖
  • ashollmannI love watching my children come home from school and run straight to the goats and chickens. I love interacting with the animals everyday. Even the trips to get them fresh water doesn't feel like a chore. I am also a huge fan of being able to hang clothes on the line and have fresh real food.
  • melissa.anne.williamsBeekeeping. Definitely. Although the cheesmaking, gardening, baby rearing, cooking and playing are up there too... along with midwifery to the animals if and when they need a little encouragement. 💕
  • littlebungalowmamaSo many. Depends on the season. I love running play group that basis our activities on the season. But canning Truly has my heart.
  • tiffany_asperThe freshness of eating a tender asparagus from the garden, warm June strawberries that melt in my mouth, and crushing the spicy musk of thyme in my fingers. This I love.
  • mrsamronGardening :)
  • caitlinbetsyI love how satisfying it is to can veggies from my garden!
  • kristinwebberwhiteThere's a lot of favorite homesteading activities but I think spending time with my chickens is by far my favorite!
  • sweetandsauercreationsSince I am a little limited on the outdoor activities, I will say canning!
  • midori_storyI love canning but I would love to start with chickens soon! The dream!
  • gaiagoddesshealingI love picking blackberries and canning them in the form of my blackberry citrus jam.
  • sonjakuvikloydMaking butter with my Aunts Holstein heifer and my grandmother's churn.Sure takes a while but, we all pass it around to share the churning.
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