• cowtownknitsYou can add this one to the list of #placeswhereyoucanknit and #placeswhereyoucannoteasilyknit - in a car driving on the crazy roads of Sri Lanka. I've had a lot of knitting time while we very slowly make our way between different villages to visit my husband's family. But between the sweaty hands, the bumpy roads, and the white knuckles, the stitches are slow in accumulating. #knit #knitting #knittersofinstagram #cowtownknits #travelknitting
  • amyelizringYou sure do get around👍🏼
  • kfolkerthknitsI'm jealous! Sri Lanka is on the list of places I need to go. Is this your first trip?
  • midwinteryarnsPirkkalanka in Sri Lanka? 😃
  • cowtownknits@kfolkerthknits This is the first trip to Sri Lanka for the kids and I. My husband was born in Canada but his family is Sri Lankan, so he has travelled here many times. It really is a beautiful place, I recommend putting it high on your list to visit.
  • cowtownknits@midwinteryarns Nice one! 😂
  • kfolkerthknits@cowtownknits It's way up near the top and isn't that difficult to get to from here. Maybe next year...
  • unicornknitdesignsWhat?! You guys have amazing holidays! I ❤️ Sri Lanka, my sister worked in Colombo & I had a great trip there in 1999
  • cowtownknits@unicornknitdesigns We've been very fortunate with the holidays this year. We've got one more big one coming and then the travel budget is spent. I'm really enjoying it here. We haven't been to Colombo yet, that's the next stop on the tour after we leave the beach.
  • unicornknitdesigns@cowtownknits fantastic! Glad you're enjoying. I think it makes such a difference when kids are a bit older and can handle more adventurous destinations. I'm aiming for Thailand next year! Good on you for knitting en route!
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