• teejkolesnikIt's a good Monday when a fresh package from @kendamausa arrives at my doorstep! 😎🌊 thanks to everyone who joined in on the livestream of the unboxing.

    Almost a year later and I'm still so amped each time I get to break open one of my Pro Models. If you haven't had the chance to get one, click the link in my bio. I promise, you won't be disappointed 😏. Yee!
    Shot on: πŸ“Έ iPhone 7+ -Portrait
    #kendama #kendamausa #kusa #KLSNK #MakeWaves #ProModel

  • dante_comeau004It would be even more better if the tama was more tacky and didnt loss its tackiness so fast. Because its super hard to get lighthouses after youve played with it for so long
  • alex_badalamentiBack at it again with the 4K pictures
  • teejkolesnik@dante_comeau004 it has happened to a couple of mine as well. I've played it so much to the point where it comes off. Almost a good thing if you ask me 😏🌊 keep shredding it!
  • _trentoon_What was the craft that Kusa gifted u? I didn't get to watch the livestream 😭
  • john_miragliaWhat DSLR do you SHOOT with TJ? I was trying to ask that on the stream
  • teejkolesnikI shoot with a T3i & mark iii @john_miraglia
  • tnert_i remember when mine used to look this beautiful 😭😭
  • damafaceWhat was that lens you were talking about on the feed again? Worked nice πŸ‘Œ
  • teejkolesnik@damaface @moment 18mm Wide lens πŸ™ŒπŸ½
  • damaface@teejkolesnik Gracias πŸ‘βœŒ
  • ayye_nightwinggTj I want one so bad but I don't have cash can u send me one for free plz ur my biggest inspiration
  • _dnial._Here are the boom ⚑⚑⚑
  • ughitskaiHow many of ur mods do u own now
  • dama.elisYou are best and i Love You❀️
  • dama.elisYou are very very very great at photos, My mom is Photograf
  • dama.elisShe take photos
  • cuhpeyHΖ‘w much??
  • flaviusmuscalu11❀
  • luke.zeiders😍
  • edvill82Just got my shipment from kendama usa but theres something about the make waves that i want to buy. Use to know what kendama is but only few weeks when i start learning.
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