Well, the thing is, I'm really meticulous on a lot of things before I choose to use them or to like them. And then, there's this candles with a super neat packaging (talking about quality control and marketing in pharmacy) that really attracts me. And its, @librarylights 's candles! It was so clean and neat.
Anyway, I should probably introduce myself. Just trying my luck. Regardless, I'm being hyped by @thenocturnalfey (!!!!) Okay, here it goes: Hi, guys! Rafael here. A book blogger, bookstagrammer, and someone who will be killed by academic books soon. Been living on earth for 2 decades and let's say extended for another 2 years and it still continues. Living in the Philippines while trying to strive for success and finding himself in between discovering the nature of the native land. Pursuing the science field, although, I've been hooked by the art - talking about practicing my Calligraphy and some drawings, and some unwanted interest on graphic illustrations. I pretty do a lot of things that piqued my interest.
Are those enough? I don't know. I just talk about myself. Anyways, I couldn't get more excited because in 2 days! I'll be going somewhere! I should do some bookish photoshoot in advance, right?
Edited: I haven't mention my favorite book! Well, I'm a huge junkie of Fantasy and Science-Fiction. So, I should mention Omnilogos by Michele Amitrani (in sci-fi section and he's an indie author!) and I go wild when it comes to Romina Russell's Zodiac Books! Yes!! They are my favorite. I have lots. I could mention a lot. But this post will be too long by then.
Featured books:
😎 Given to the Sea by Mindy McGinnis
😎 Kingsman [Have you guys seen the poster for the second movie?! I CANT WAIT!!!]
😎 Death Note by Whoever wrote that masterpiece.
Any anticipating reads?
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