• livbydesignI just had my first fresh almond! I didn't even know this beautiful, velvety green Spring delicacy existed!
    This is an almond before it hardens into a nut. It is considered a stone fruit in this stage, has a short window of existence and is one of the first fruits of Spring.
    It had a tart, fresh flavor. Supposedly tossed in olive oil & salt makes for a great cocktail appetizer. I think these would be a nice salad addition - paired with arugula, watercress & Meyer lemon.
    Nutritional value: Green almonds offer the same nutritional benefits as dry almonds including vitamin C, vitamin E, iron, calcium, magnesium, riboflavin, and L-carnitine. Green almonds also offer protein and fiber and have a low glycemic index.

    You learn something new everyday!
    #plantpower #freshfruit #nuts #almond #veganlife #learnsomethingnewtoday

  • sondrapower33Where did you find them?
  • livbydesign@sondrapower33 Phoenicia Bakery on S Lamar
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