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  • steveharveyfm@tyrese is on another level for real with this one!

  • rene_sthlm@lyon8668 i do ❤
  • qt_fiWow
  • 1_true_monsterMen still have the little boys in them as well as Women have the little girls!!! ☺️ @steveharveyfm I'm nearly 49 years old & was always in love the "Cookie Monster" yes I collect That wacky puppet "Cookie Monster" from pj's to slippers, tee shirts to socks , back packs to pillows, plushes little action figures to party goods yes sir I got the hots for The " Cookie Monster Puppet "🍪num num C🍪🍪KIES 😜😂 it's great to be young at heart no matter what age! I don't have space for life size Monster in my home yet Can always dress up with my gear & a jar of some vanilla wafers 😜😅😱😂😂😭😱😱😭😭😂😂 Enjoy your giant & heavy duty metal toy robot @Tyrese 😇
  • kp2sassyLove me some transformers!everyone has a kid in them.
  • sheencouragesWow 😳
  • saisaismommyWhy tyrese? I'm sure the new wife doesn't think this is a decorative statement!
  • problem925I Love BumbleBee Transformers
  • to_many_gransWhy..???
  • vpwabuseOMG
  • islandboundlmtI tried to email Jade but it gave me an alert saying postmaster. Is there another email I can contact through?
  • bornastewart😱😳
  • sandrawright5332Well I guess he identified with Bumblebee the Most. Hell, Optimus prime was my Favorite Character..
  • parallelx365💓
  • bobbywealth✊✊✊
  • angelic8It was a refreshing phone call this morning from the man who expressed how bad he felt for leading the lady friend on and the guilt he felt, as were as his admissions of being to old and wrong for playing with someone else's heart! Wish the conversation would have been completed.
  • builduapp#BuildU
  • 2ourfuture👈🏽👈🏽👈🏽 CHECK OUT THE MOVEMENT
  • 2ourfuture👈🏽👈🏽👈🏽 CHECK OUT THE MOVEMENT
  • the_powderdivaWow!
  • rollwithroyce🤣 @iamsteveharveytv reaction reminds me of the bit he did about visiting #MichaelJackson neverland ranch. 🤣🤣🤣WOW!
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