• visitchampaignWelcome to Meadowbrook Park, can be a bit daunting squeezing 15,000+ runners and walkers through here but take your time. Be courteous, announce to other runners that you are about to pass. You are between miles 8 and 9 as 'Marker' looks across the prairie. You will exit the park make your way down Windsor Road to Race Street and an aid station manned by local running club, Kennekuk Road Runners, is not far away. They are fantastic and they are well known in the area. #VCCTakeover #visitchampaign #outsideofordinary #illinoismarathon #runner #marathon

  • georgesulker69wowwww wow just wow. share it on >([@ proudfitfam])< now just ddm them and folow 😃
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