• canwomenstem_150Cristina Rodrigo is an aspiring dentist in her fourth year studying Biomedical Sciences at Ryeson University. In her second year at Ryerson, she co-founded the Chemistry and Biology Research Leaders Challenge to create more opportunities for students to bring research skills learned in classroom to solve real world challenges.
    She was the first elected President of Ryerson Science Society, the largest science student organization at Ryerson. During her presidency, she worked to build a sustainable organization that will accommodate the ever growing needs of the science students. Apart from striving to create exceptional student experience for
    students in science, she is also a visual artist and has been a part of many community art projects across multiple priority neighbourhoods in Toronto. "Nothing in life is to be feared; it is only to be understood." - Marie Curie

    #CanWomenSTEM150 #WomenWhoLead #WomeninSTEM #Science #Engineering #Canada150
  • mycareerskillsCongratulations Christina!
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