Find a garage and write a record in it...
  • redsunrisingFind a garage and write a record in it...

  • adamplaysgames12You know what this means..... NEW ALBUM!!??😱😱👌
  • tatianapishchurovaI'm looking forward to your new album! Your fan from Russia❤️
  • nanna_banana92That's a garage? I wish mine looked like that! 😦 Have fun, guys; I can't wait to hear the awesomeness! 😁🙌
  • blackmountriseofficial🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
  • midriff_musicgo for it!!!
  • mary_dever08@nanna_banana92 my garage hasn't looked like that since we moved in😂😂
  • dan_cable989@redsunrising great show in TC!! Will you be adding any more shows (Ohio or Michigan) before you head off to Europe in the summer? We'd love to see another small venue show!
  • redsunrising@dan_cable989 only the ones on our schedule now
  • markcruspHeck yea @redsunrising your creative thoughts come out in a garage Get it in New record time I dig what I heard 💯🎼😆✌️
  • kossinabBrought in the crappy chairs for the picture eh? Make it look more garage-like? #redsunrisingmusicalchairs
  • dustin_m_drumsI'm glad that I discovered this band at such a young part of its career. I get to see just how great every record is going to be as they are released. Much love @redsunrising
  • undead.pizzaGreat that you guys are coming back to the netherlands! But why on a monday?😱 and why in melkweg and not tivolivredenburg?? Too bad because that means i might wont even be able to come + if i can it will cost me so much all together (to get to amsterdam, melkweg membership and stuff) #sad
  • undead.pizzaI was like the biggest fan at the concert with skillet when you where in the netherlands last time !! I love your music so much
  • cynmanI mentioned RSR in a conversation with a colleague as we were prepping for a client meeting. Played a song & he is now a fan. Do I get a free toaster or something? 😂
  • redsunrising@cynman 👌🏼✌🏼👍🏼🙌🏽
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