• kevin_the_refugee…finally the end to a chapter.

    It’s been an amazing 3 years living with Joe @joe_joverdose , Brandon @bchoii , Can @canporeotics, Bree @breenaylaya , and Jess @jess_michelle512 . I enjoyed every last bit of it… especially throwing Joe’s desk down the stairs.

    Over the last 3 years, we’ve all grown. I literally got to see Joe go from his Corolla to his Jag, Brandon go from Sugarfish to JK, and Can expand his skills into JK news, music, video games, and drawing.
    I’m so grateful for living under this house and having my mind blown with such accomplished people. Back in the day, I wanted to be a government pharmacist so I could just collect a stable check. Not anymore.

    The biggest thing I learned living in this house is that you can create your own stability. Why depend on someone else when you can eat what you kill? More importantly take care of the people around you.
    So then I was like fuck it. I’m going to be an entrepreneur… but not like the mudda serious “school” type. So I dabbled in social media, digital marketing, copywriting, and my YouTube channel and made some money… but it was time in traffic holding me back.
    No lie. I’m going to miss our late night chats, Korean food runs, and hugging Ronin at the door. But it’s time to change. You simply can’t grow with so much mudda bullshit in the way.

    So it’s time to take things to the next level and take things seriously. It’s not about “finding my passion” anymore. It’s about hustling so I can do what I love full time and help people while watching PornHub. It's time to grow #refugeehustle and my other ventures.

    For those reading this, always be grateful for the people around you. Never take them for granted, because you never know when life might pull you apart.
    As for my Spy Glass family, I’m sure we’ll see each other either at the office, Tea Brick, or KBBQ.
    #spyglasshillboys #dreamchasers #21savage #joemalia #jkfilms #poreotics #greenacre #makeitrainmoney #teabrick #pornhub #entrepreneur #makemoneywhilefapping

  • missginadarling@seandnguyen we should've taken over this house too
  • _anish_jacobDat key tho 😂😂jks Godspeed.❤️
  • justinvaseur❤️
  • riffrafffpvThats how it look like from the outsidee
  • black_jt7Can't wait to see your next adventure
  • mellow.yell0wI think this is the first time your house has been photographed from the outside. Good idea to keep it hidden
  • chibi_otaku2Where u going?
  • pgwerx#makemoneywhilefapping #LifeGoals haha
  • littoaznchickenHahaha
  • alexduong96Rip #Spyglass
  • kikueloveLol you had a hello kitty key? 😂
  • joe_joverdoseDas da Mudda memories
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