• newsong_onlineThere are no words to express how amazed and blessed we are by every single person who showed up to #WinterJam this year. We are thankful every day for God allowing us to be part of your lives, but tonight we feel as if our cup runneth over. These last 46 shows have been amazing, and we can't wait to see you all again soon!

  • mylee.g16You guys performed great on friday night
  • maddikrugglesThanks so much for an amazing year! @newsong_online . Prayers are sent that Jesus will send you in the right direction and be with you in your ministry!!❤❤
  • kva22We are already saving to go to as many shows next year as possible! We traveled to 5 this year and they were incredible! This has become the funnest mother/daughter ritual ever!! We love you all! See you at #WinterJam2018
  • _lizlynnYou guys were amazing!!😍 @newsong_online
  • renee.1316The show tonight was amazing. God is good!!!!!!
  • biggdawgtrucker73Your show is such a unique and amazing experience. I can't wait for next year. Thank you for putting this together.
  • coleman.rewisCan't wait for next year!!!!!!😀☺️
  • moses_ryleeI was in Tulsa loved I am a Christian ❤️
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