• designmomMy husband, Ben Blair is really good at helping the kids fight boredom. For example, he challenged the kids to replace the sounds in supercalafragilisticexpialidocious with real words that have similar sounds. Here are 3 of their best efforts:
    Psycho-caved in-fragile-lipstick-extend-Alan-ocean
    Silly and fun, right? It’s a great activity for road trips and rainy days. Go ahead. Give it a try. And then leave a comment with what you come up with.
    Awesome original artwork by @KrystleRagen, available for purchase: http://krystleragen.com/?p=256

  • brittkhorsandi@e_e_rose I love that!
  • realbrookewhiteGreat activity and idea
  • sallyhpI love this idea!!
  • annakins17As teens growing up in SoCal, we used to say "super-California-surfer-expert-of-the-ocean." 🏄🏼‍♀️😎
  • mimiblairI'm taking all the credit for 'fragile lipstick'
  • barbara_thornton😂👏🏼
  • hillypyOh love!!! @ncosmith 👆🏻
  • summerbellessaLove that!!
  • hep71Super cute!
  • kaseygentryThis is my favorite post of all time. These are too good!
  • tamihackbarth😍😍😍😍 our six year old is obsessed with Mary Poppins and Sound of Music soundtracks right now!
  • cltilton😍
  • tabultemaI tell me kids to "have a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious day" everyday when they get out of the car for school. I always look for a great sign with this on it for our muffin but haven't found one, until you posted this!! Thanks @designmom
  • jennerbrown_yeah!
  • krystleragenThanks @designmom for the mention, great post! 🤗
  • jaydedangel69That's awesome! And very imaginative! 😊
  • ematzenJust made me wonder how many alternatives one could come up with using only IKEA product names!
  • eyewillartistryWhat fun!
  • sissahessBrilliant! @canbal4 @courtsem this would be a great game for the kids when they get older!
  • shop_somethingelseCheck Out Our Store! 😄🙋
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