✋🏻Let's Talk Motivation✋🏻
I've gotten so many comments and messages from people saying something like "I wish I had your motivation"
Guys, motivation? It doesn't exist. Sure, you might feel motivated on any given day to work out and eat healthy, but it won't happen every day. Even for me. Even for the fittest person in the world. •
Everyone has days they don't wanna work out and eat healthy, but they do it anyways. Like my friend @conniebea messaged me yesterday - it's like a job. You don't always want to go to work, but you go because you know it'll pay the bills. You might not want to go to the gym or choose the healthy option, but you do because you know it'll keep your body happy and it'll help you reach your goals. •
As a visual aid - here's the hubs and I. He's still in bed, doesn't want to go to our joint PT session because he's sore AF from our lifting sesh the other day. Me? I might have my gym gear on, but I feel the same. Guess what? We're going anyways. •
So, my message to you - if you aren't feeling the gym today, stop making excuses! Get it done!  nobody got to their goals by making excuses to sitting on the couch and eat Oreos!
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