Last week Mercury went into retrograde and for as long as I can remember, many people seem to view this as a hugely negative, almost fearful time. Expect chaos, delays, upheavals, etc. and so forth…but is that necessarily the truth? I don’t find it to be so. Mercury Retrograde is not something to fear, rather it can be something to embrace. These retrogrades are a time to slow down and reflect, refocus, re-organize, reconnect, and renew (catch the retheme here?). Yes, there can be some chaos, especially around communications and tech, but if you just go with the flow and be gentle with yourself and others, it doesn’t have to be a negative chaos. Perhaps those delays have a reason, even if it’s one as simple as giving you a moment to just breathe. Maybe changes in plans mean you’ll be able to do something you wouldn’t otherwise. Miscommunications may provide a fresh perspective or different insight into a situation. Tech or work issues may spark a much needed shift in focus. Having to slow down and double check numbers or spellings may help you avoid some easy, yet huge gaffes. So long as you remain flexible and open to what the Universe is trying to tell or show you, you’ll be okay. See Mercury Retrograde as a learning experience, a time of self-reflection, a time to facilitate change (sometimes profound, sometimes mild), a time to reconnect to your wants and needs. There is nothing to fear in a time that is meant for being soft, gentle, and kind to yourself, in fact, it’s a time to nurture and even look forward to. So do not fear Mercury Retrograde, embrace it like an old friend and take it easy. This is an excerpt from my Word Nerd post 153 ~ To discover even more #motivation check out the #mondaymantra on my blog 🌸 #motivaltionalquotes #thehappynow #fosterthoughtfulness #quoteoftheday #quotes #design  #mydesign #myunicornlife #simplejoys #positivity #selflove #sensitivesoul #inspirationalquote #dailyinspiration #wisdom #wordsofwisdom #thatsdarling #makeyousmilestyle #dailydevotion #thatauthenticfeeling #gentleliving #thoughtoftheday #wisewords #lifequotes #lawhimsy #soulwisdom #myeverydaymagic #whimsy
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