The beautiful vintage china and my folks' wedding silver that I used for my Passionista Playdate, Tiaras & Tea on Saturday. I felt like I was channeling my inner Kendell  @thefestivefrog. Seriously, if you want vintage for a special occasion their business is a dream. Some day I'm going to just walk through it. .
 Meanwhile I have my own mini stash. The China sets I purchased vintage around 30 years ago for about $125 each complete service for 8-ish. We didn't have china or silver in our wedding registry since most invited couldn't afford that. But I really prefer vintage anyway. .
The silver was given to my parents in 1946 on their wedding. It is Gorham Camellia pattern and I love, love it. Brings back happy memories of special occasions around the table. As I polished it I reminisced and soaked up all that love. .
I don't have a lot but I sure have plenty. And I take such pleasure in looking at its beauty. These things bring me joy.

That and having my friends around me to share with.

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