• nativesunjaxWe are excited to be partnering with First Coast Surfrider to participate in the 71st Annual Opening of the Beaches Parade hosted by City of Jacksonville Beach-Government. In support of the Rise Above Plastics campaign and our joint efforts to keep plastics out of the oceans and off our beaches, we will be handing out FREE reusable grocery bags along the parade route!

    We've recently removed single-use grocery bags from our stores and encourage you to participate in our "Take a Bag, Leave a Bag" program that makes donated reusable bags and recycled cardboard boxes available at the registers in each store.

    Come out to this year's parade and you might just catch a glimpse of a frightening (but in an environmental sort-of way) Bag Monster! #takeabagleaveabag #longhashtag #nativesunjax #riseaboveplastics #jaxbeach

  • panic4ash@nativesunjax Can I donate a bag if it has another store's name on it??
  • nativesunjax@panic4ash of course. We're not picky!
  • ohheyitshayWe are so stoked to join 🏄
  • letsbemermaidsAwesome!
  • warudalane💚
  • hawaii_aquaholic
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