#Drakes puts #TheMadisonClub hotel on blast for racial profiling
  • thacelebriteaofficial#Drakes puts #TheMadisonClub hotel on blast for racial profiling

  • michaelmozilo@jazmine.lendora uhh I was and I can tell you right now you have no fucking idea
  • jazmine.lendora@michaelmozilo yeah ok guy 🙄
  • jazmine.lendoraPeople say anything to prove a point online. Why though!? I😒🙄
  • michaelmozilo@jazmine.lendora Just because we shut him down for playing music full blast until 7am doesn't mean he was "profiled" at all...maybe he should respect that fact that people around him want sleep
  • angelaaveninNothing but white people there. SHOCKING. Blacks and Hispanics need to stop caring about what these mofos think. Make them made and they'll show you how racist they're. Some of them are just more hidden about it.
  • d_bottz@jazmine.lendora that street runs both ways, people will say anything to fit their narrative, and for your info I'm there everyday and have never seen a single incident of racial profiling, everyone is treated with respect and dignity. I shouldn't have commented on any particulars of the situation but it's hard to sit here and see people voice strong opinions of a place they've never been to or even heard about until today. People of every color and creed enjoy that place everyday for the outstanding service, respect and privacy. Just so happens that this incident occurred during the largest festival of the year notorious for heavy drinking and drug use.
  • michaelmozilo@angelaavenin actually a very diverse club...soo
  • angelaavenin@michaelmozilo Um, click the hashtag and that shows otherwise.
  • omg_chriswtfOk so I guess it doesn't exist until it happens to you... let's see how this unfolds 😏
  • limeblue32Do you notice that it's nothing but white people defending this club? 😂😂😂 That says a lot to be honest. The club apologized to Drake so that obviously means they know that they did something wrong. @angelaavenin
  • d_bottz@michaelmozilo this is all very entertaining, wonder why he took the post down 🤔
  • jazmine.lendora@d_bottz soooo you work there and I should just trust your not biased when it comes to this?
  • michaelmozilo@limeblue32 That's a fake club account...
  • michaelmozilo@d_bottz It's funny because they LITERALLY don't have a clue
  • angelaavenin@limeblue32 Right! That's why I say get these white people made and I reassure you the majority will say some racist shit. I got into an argument with this white guy and the first thing he said was get out of my country you fucking spic and he called my black friend a nigger. Which is funny because he was supposedly our friend.
  • limeblue32That's just disgusting. I'm sorry that you were treated like that and had to experience that. People will find any reason to try and justify what these people do. @angelaavenin
  • angelaavenin@limeblue32 Yeah. It's funny because then white people try to tell us that racism hasn't been on a bigger scale ever since trump was sworn in. Like dude what? But thanks for the compassion, dude.
  • angelaavenin@d_bottz I didn't blame trump for this. I'm just saying that white people try to tell us racism hasn't been on a different scale since trump came up under the map, which is false, since you guys don't know what it's like.
  • l.o.c.c_x3Yup jus by looking at the pics you can tell they're Racist it's nothing but white people & blacks used as the Help not 1 Black family enjoying those grounds
  • smoothfellarecordsdope media
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