• gofitjoIt's funny how we have this sort of lens or filter when we look into the lives of others. We often are quick to judge and say "Man, they truly have their shit together and I clearly don't." The funny thing is that we're all just figuring life out as we go along. We are all trying to understand what balancing fitness means and how to incorporate that into our daily lives. And often times the moment you do have it figured out life gives you a swift kick in the ass and you'll have to learn how to adapt.
    Being human is such a beautiful thing, we learn how to adapt from one another and we learn life lessons from connecting with each other. So maybe this week you turn the filters off, you get a little real and honest about an area in your life that needs a little bit of love, and maybe you share a piece of your story that's a bit more vulnerable and raw. It's in that moment where the transformation, growth, and change happens.
    Share your moment and tag it #relentlesslybeautifullife so I can connect with you.

  • exercisewithextrafriesSo true!! I'm winging it all the time.
  • gofitjo@annadohuynh always right?!
  • gofitjo@exercisewithextrafries girl even a mama at 34 is just winging it. I think even more so we totally are.
  • studiotwoelevenlove this !! 🙌🏻
  • annadohuynh@gofitjo yes! I can relate a lot with what you share the thing is that the way you share your thoughts and the words you use always get me and make me think wow. she s right
  • annadohuynhPs also the thing is I don't write that good 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣I mean not grammatically correct in English
  • karlytreacyYep! Me too 👊🏼
  • gofitjo@karlytreacy all of us right?!
  • gofitjo@annadohuynh you write well enough for me to fully understand so don't worry!
  • dancingwithdumbbellsFucking preach babe 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
  • gofitjo@dancingwithdumbbells I will! Thanks for giving me the space to be honest.
  • dancingwithdumbbells@gofitjo 😘😘
  • fitchickscookLol so true.
  • sportysleekHahaha isn't that the truth!!!!
  • helloburpeesHahaha sooo true. I am the biggest pro at winging it.
  • meghanyuriyoungAlways💙
  • lauren_bongiornohaha so true. behind closed doors.. oh man
  • hayleyjanewarnesAren't we all!!😆
  • frecklesinmyminddon't we all do..☺ but that's the beauty of life
  • mformartinaI always say this to people who ask me about how hard it is to be a fashion blogger! Love it 😂
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