• joyoushealthMy Bambi is sick with a sometimes wet and sometimes horse cough and fever, chills etc 😩and I feel so bad because I gave it to her. As you might have seen on my insta stories I'm a natural mama so she's taking @boironcanada Coryzalia and Oscilliococcinum, Vitamin D and probiotics. I've been trying to give her honey with lemon and ginger as a tea because it's an expectorant but she's not into it. Maybe a popsicle would work. I've spoken to Telehealth twice (love this service) and her pediatrician, and there's nothing more to be done as the virus will just take its course. For now she can just sleep on mama. No nutrition work for me today, I'm on mama-duty! As I type this she's fast alseep on my chest so I'm all ears for any other natural suggestions to help her feel better. 🌸UPDATE: Thank you everyone for your suggestions! Vienna is better today, fever broke and the croup cough has improved dramatically. Mama milk all day and all night was the best medicine! And lots of ❤️❤️❤️🌸
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  • mouanakidLove Boiron. She's building immunity. Lots of fluids and rest. Oil of oregano on the soles of her feet + steam her out in the bathroom with all taps running on hot water; turn your bathroom into a steam room. Bonne chance ☺️
  • amylgariepyI would try some elderberry syrup.
  • jtothesaadeVITAMIN C!!
  • katkhosraviTake peppermint tea add some honey and make popsicles with it...itll help a bit
  • jeznickWow.. so lovely.. so refreshing to hear of natural paths and allowing the body do what it does best. ❣️love and healing for sweetpea🙏
  • wellnessbyjehanneAw I would suggest oil of oregano but she definitely wouldn't enjoy that!
  • matyshpAww we hope she feels better soon! Sending lots of love. #lovematys
  • eplnutritionI feel your pain😞. One of my kids would always want a mildly warm bath to comfort and drawn out the virus. I would add some magnesium salts to detoxify and relax him. Good luck and hang in there. She will b fine
  • irushsweetlifeCompress with room cold water and a tbsp of vinegar, using soft cloth to rub on her forehead, feet, legs, behind the neck...and essential oils always working with my boys.
  • progressmatters🙏🏻ing she is doing better today! Breaks a Mom's heart when her children are sick!
  • cara.j.rhnWe are in the same boat with my 11 month old! Sucks. I hope she feels better quickly! We are doing those too - vit d, EFAs, probiotics, baths, diffusing oils...and lots of sleeping on mamas chest. 😷😴😕
  • joyoushealthThank you everyone for your words of wisdom. I appreciate it and took notes 📝 Vienna's fever finally broke this morning, thank goodness! She has croup but she's a million times better today compared to last night and yesterday. She'll be back dancing in no time!
  • joyoushealth@wellnessbyjehanne haha no, she wouldn't even take any honey! 🍯
  • joyoushealth@mivingreeneyes yes for sure, my nipples are gonna fall off at this point 😳😩
  • myholistichustleAw poor V :( my son had that (he caught it from me) a couple of weeks ago. We used the same stuff as you but I also took the natural menthol (like Vicks but the natural one) and put some on his feet and put socks on top- it seemed to help. As well as a cold air humidifier. Hope she gets better soon! Hang in there- you are doing a great job!!
  • joyoushealth@kimmiesuzanne thanks cuz, appreciate it. ❤️
  • rubyhurlbutOh poor girl feel better
  • dee_fortinoGlad she's feeling better 🤗
  • joyoushealth@myholistichustle I'm def on to the peppermint and socks the next time she gets a fever!
  • healthymadewellI hope all is well! Sending love! 💕
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