S/O to my good good sis @rah_ali for launching her brand new company @the_stiletto_group like a BOSS 👅~ @candiworld 👀💋🎀 bad btchs link up 😍😘♥️
  • nickiminajS/O to my good good sis @rah_ali for launching her brand new company @the_stiletto_group like a BOSS 👅~ @candiworld 👀💋🎀 bad btchs link up 😍😘♥️

  • mostflawlessone_Sis you so messy lol
  • ______wisdomandkushPink Friday
  • ______wisdomandkushAll day everyday
  • kristopher1979FAB
  • simply_ashlee1Fuck all you fake bitches
  • classic.wonderF
  • ruizladonnaContinue to keep being the queen that you are don't let nobody put you down don't worry about what people say about you at the end of the day you are gorgeous and congratulations for just doing your thing and just standing up for women in general it's such an amazing opportunity for you in general to just put it out there and do your best and be all that you can be successful and don't let nobody get in your way I hope that you have some more amazing music like you have been doing all these past years it's truly a blessing from God that you are sitting on the queen's throne and all these thirsty thoughts is player hating do your thing baby God is good at all times give God all the glory sincerely ladonna
  • edi1.234very fucking pussy like itttttt
  • valentinnonatoLindas
  • andreavaldez5798Fake hair
  • selamisaymaz3141lezbiyn
  • xandde_santosRah took you to her doc, but you don't look like Rah, Left the operating table still look like "Nah"!
  • brandonbedasieNice picture u all looking lovely
  • fantasmaventuraK guapas me las deboro alas tres
  • _bebe_rexha_121Someone got some long hair
  • ahmadnamjoy۰۹۸۹۱۵۹۱۰۹۶۵۱ایران
  • calvinmilanoQUEEEN
  • kudamarutaEy
  • jayrenee848@nickiminaj wouldn't @rah_ali be consider a fraud? I mean @remyma was her best friend at one point. It took two fraud ass bitches to team up on @remyma Lmao!!
  • lele90sbabyPretty girl
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