• alwaysevolvingAlways Evolving Motorsport returns to Pirelli World Challenge.
    Always Evolving Motorsport will return to Pirelli World Challenge campaigning an all-new Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 in the Sprint-X Championship with Mexico GT Academy winner Ricardo Sanchez teaming with winning American driver Frankie Montecalvo.
    “We are excited to be back in PWC with Nissan / NISMO,” said Erik Davis, team owner of Always Evolving Motorsport. "Always Evolving has been associated with the series for many years and the level of competition continues to amaze me year-over-year. Our team is ready to come back in winning form. We look forward to competing with an all-new car and two great drivers to take on the Sprint-X format kicking off at VIR, home track of Nissan North America.”
    The Sprint-X Championship was initiated in 2016 with a limited number of races and in 2017 there will be 10 races over the course of five weekends. This new format provides new challenges for teams given a mandatory driver exchange with the same excitement of sprint racing Pirelli World Challenge is known for. The pit stop will allow strategy to play a greater role in the racing results.
    The team will return to World Challenge competition at Virginia International Raceway on April 29-30.
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