Guess what? I'm giving away a free spot to Break the Ground -- my online program -- taking you from "I've gotta START this" to "I'm DOING this" in 30 days. 
All you gotta do is comment below with the One Thing you've been putting off. 
The One Thing that scares you a little. 
The One Thing you know is good for you. 
The One Thing you seemingly can't do alone. 
The One Thing you feel like you wouldn't do well enough because you've compared yourself to others too much. 
The One Thing that, deep down, you KNOW you need to do. And you are finally ready to break GROUND on that Thing. 🌱

The book. 
The painting. 
Organizing that closet. 
Drinking less booze. 
Cutting back on caffeine. 
Getting out of debt.
Losing those 5 pounds.
[your Thing here]
The most clever, heart-wrenching comment gets a seat!! Winner will be announced in the comments on Thursday, April 6 at 3 p.m. MST. Program starts April 17. Full deets via my profile! #startsmall #yougotthis #procrastination #productivitycoaching #program #moveforward #onlinecourse #letsdothis #startthebook #starttheadventure #startthechange #juststart #jumpstart #progress #firststep #thebreakchanger
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