B A L L S // We braved soft play on a rainy Saturday yesterday as a treat for Toby for doing so well with his 'don't wet my pants because I'm being lazy & stay in bed until the sun comes up on my Groclock' reward chart. It was pretty busy, and Toby was scared of the high bits but he must have had fun because he keeps asking to go back! Gabe had great fun in the baby ball pool anyway, and I only had to tell other people's kids off twice (I don't know if that's normal or if it's just the teacher in me but I can't help it!). Today we had a trip up to the Lakes to collect my in-laws' car that we're buying off them...except it wouldn't start so we came home car-less and I am slightly less confident about the bargain car we are getting! Hopefully it will all get sorted out and we'll get it next weekend instead. Both boys had danger naps on the way home though so at 9:30pm we've only just got them both to sleep! I'm hoping they'll make up for it with a lie in tomorrow. Unlikely I know but I can only dream 😊 #softplayfun
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