• abellasbraidsHaving a lazy morning! No kids because they are at their dads and Im sore after rock climbing yesterday! So I did my makeup but stayed in my pjs and played with my @fabfitfun box finally! Got myself some coffee in the "good morning gorgeous" mug, my new favorite. Did my nails with the gorgeous nude nail polish that came in it, put some marrakesh Argan and hemp oil in my hair (man do I smell good) and colored for a while! All while staying warm and cozy in my scarf. What a perfect morning!
  • cutegirlshairstylesGood for u!!! Sounds like a lovely morning
  • annmariealiciaYou look so cozy!!!
  • girgisgirls_plus1@abellasbraids the next box is even better! You gotta love fabfitfun!
  • curious_strandsHow fun!!! Moms need some time to ourselves 😊
  • shanaloveshair@abellasbraids I just realized this week that you have been doing braids on the @cutegirlshairstyles YouTube channel!! That's so awesome. I'm so jealous but being stuck in Canada means we don't really get to go cool things like that haha. :) I remember talking to you way way back like 4 or 5 years ago when braided first started to blow up on Instagram :)
  • kola_popSounds like how I like to spend my days too
  • brownhairedblissSounds lovey :)
  • alullabyshoppeUmm yes please! Sounds soo nice💜
  • taylensmomAh how fun!!
  • ewkakSounds yummy! I wish to spend morning like you do 🙌🏻
  • theprinceandthepGiiiiirl, those eyes of yours! ❤❤
  • _mrsadeleNo braids this week? miss your posts 😊
  • sheerbraidedblissGlad you got to have a relaxing morning! Sounds lovely!!!
  • everwillaloveHey mama!!!!!❤️❤️
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