• badmaashlaBASMATI rice to Indians is like FLOUR & DOUGH to the French & Italians... actually, maybe even more important.
    Basmati is extremely significant to Indian society on a political, cultural and spiritual level, and it is one of the most highly respected items in an Indian kitchen.
    On the farming level, Basmati is extremely finicky and demands a high level of expertise and attention. Basmati rice isn't just pulled out of the ground and that's it... it's wrapped in burlap or cheesecloth... and it's stored and aged for YEARS... I'm talking 2 years minimum... you can even buy rice that has been aged for 10, 50, even 100+ years...
    This rice, even in its raw form, is special... on the cooking level, at BADMAASH, we use the finest cinnamon, cumin and bay leafs from India when we cook each batch of rice... and we cook our rice in small batches throughout the day to make sure it's perfect & fresh. Each single bowl of rice served at BADMAASH has been treated and cooked with love, care, and expertise, and that each single grain has been tended for with excellence to get to your table.
    That's the rice we use at BADMAASH.
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  • largwamad rice love❤️
  • abhinav.portraitLooks good!
  • thespicyladyI only use aged Basmati rice, and as you said you must cook it with love and gentleness to get the best results of this delicate rice. Can't wait to come and eat at Badmaash!
  • akshathapanchangamThis is amazing
  • misspriss7I LOVE THIS RICE
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