• avondale_au"I never had the intention of joining a One Mission trip in my first year at Avondale, but it was by far the best decision I made last year.
    With the team being made up of old friends and people I hadn't met 'till we made it to Cambodia; it was certainly an adventure that compares with nothing else I've experienced. I was humbled by the villagers giving of their services to help us build shelters, toilets and playgrounds, also making us their favourite foods for lunch, even though we were there to help them. The gorgeous smiles of the local kids and their families broke down any cultural and language barriers within minutes of us reaching each village. By far one of the best parts of the trip was getting to spend time getting to know the people of the villages we were helping in, and watching their eyes light up with laughter as we attempted to learn some Khmer words! It's true what they say about mission trips; you go to change lives but the life most changed is yours."
    - Kirah Jones

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