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    #thewriterstag was started by @amidnightreader ⇟ •What genre/style/topics do you write about? ↝
    Fantasy, mostly. But I do have a tentative side eye on a sprawling, Sri Lankan saga minus any magic of the flash-bang kind, the prospect of which I am terrified by. But we'll have to wait and see. 😊 ⇟ ⠀⠀
    •How long have you been writing? ↝
    I was 13, when I finished my first story and 16 when I finished my second; I was supposed to be studying for my iGCSEs. 😜
    In 2014, I published my first short story called Demon Runner in an anthology curated by @foxspiritbooks. ⇟ • Why do you write? ↝
    To magnify feelings. When I am writing, I tend to feel hurt more painfully, happiness more joyfully, sentimentality more vividly and anger more seethingly. ⇟ • When is the best time to write? ↝
    All the time. It should be chaotic; images and tales spinning in your head until you have no choice but to ignore life, sit somewhere and jot it all down. And at the same time, it should be ritualised; controlled by will when you park yourself in front of a blank page. ⇟ • Parts of the writing you love? Hate? ↝
    L O V E - When the words are on your fingertips and you can't type/scribble fast enough to get them all out! At these times, the balance, the ideas, the lyricism is on point and I feel like the most powerful being God ever created!
    H A T E - Every other damn time! ⇟ • How do you overcome a writers block? ↝
    *communing with nature, cats, dogs, hugging a tree.
    *plugging on earphones and loafin' 'bout *going for a run (actually better than going for a walk)
    *reading about the writing processes of authors you love. ⇟ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
    • Are you working on something at the moment? ↝
    *a short story about a girl who goes to the very forges of hellfire so she could make her brother into a king.
    *a colonial fantasy set in Sri Lanka featuring a lady pirate & a cinnabon.
    *and old school epic in a fantasy world full of brown people and brown people problems. ⇟ • Writing goals this year? ↝
    Finish all above. Not be distracted by the myriad of other stories clamouring in me cranium. ⇟ ⇟ ⇟
    I'm tagging all the writers I know, but if you're a writer tag me back! ❤

  • fandoms.novelsNice click ❤
  • library_of_the_greenwoodomg this tag ♥ I need time to think about my response. When can I read your work? How do I access Sri Lankan Sagas?
  • theswash.buckler@library_of_the_greenwood I think you can buy the anthology on Amazon. It's called Girl At The End of The World Vol 1. Let me look around too for you 😘😘😘
  • library_of_the_greenwood@theswash.buckler that would be cool. 😍😍😍
  • eoanthoughtsLove love love this photo. 😍 Also, great tag. Imma self tag with this one as your unbeknownst writing buddy. 😉
  • theswash.buckler@eoanthoughts I didn't know you WRITE!! How have you not aaid so yet? 😱😂😅
  • minasmorgulbooksok but how are your photos so beautiful 😱😍 and all of your stories sound so interesting!
  • theswash.buckler@minasmorgulbooks haha thank you my love ♡
  • bliss2310"a colonial fantasy set in Sri Lanka featuring a lady pirate & a cinnabon" ➡ I would love to read that 😂
  • oonagh.moonYour answers are so interesting. I find it motivating to read other writer's points of view. I would love to read everything you write because Demon Runner was INCREDIBLE ☄
  • theswash.buckler@bliss2310 still writing though hehe 😀 I'll put up updates as I'm doing it so keep your eyes peeled
  • theswash.buckler@adragonslair thank you my darling Chloé
  • theswash.buckler@oonagh.moon Yes me too! It motivates me reading about other writers talking about their work! I will make you my beta reader then? 😀
  • eoanthoughts@theswash.buckler - Didn't I send you snippets of my NaNo a while back?? 😅
  • theswash.buckler@eoanthoughts no you didn't! 😅
  • eoanthoughts@theswash.buckler - I so did. 🤣
  • oonagh.moon@theswash.buckler I would be honoured to be your beta reader!
  • paperfuryI love this so much!! And your answers are fantastic.💕🎉Also congrats on having a short story published eeeep that's so cool.😱🎉🎉
  • writinglaraferrariYour WIPs sound amazing! I can't wait to read them!
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