• styleandpepperI've worked toward a lot of things in my lifetime, but the amount of "oomph" being poured into @season.everyday is like a strange magical force that I didn't even know existed inside of my very own heart. ❤ This week is a big one: Our Kickstarter officially launches on Wednesday (April 5th!), and it would mean SO much to me if you'd get yourself ready to help me spread the news! 🙌🏻 Sign up to get a note when we're ready to go, and don't forget that I'm giving away one of our dresses 👗AND a prize pack of some Favorite Things... link's in my profile + you can tap this pic for the other fabulous brands!
    🏡(Living room style by the clever @lizbohannon... just one of the many friends whisper-yelling "LETS GO. YOU GOT THIS," while my shaky hands quiver over the LAUNCH button.) 😳😘😆
    #seasoneveryday #deadstockfabric #madeintheusa #ethicalfashion #ethicalclothing #kickstarter

  • alliepalWhat! This is so exciting!!
  • styleandpepper@alliepal Yes! Thank you! 😬❤(She says through clenched teeth while trying not to pee her pants!)
  • thegerardbrownYES YES YES YES YOU GOT THIS YES
  • lizbohannon❤️👊🏼❤️👊🏼❤️👊🏼❤️👊🏼❤️👊🏼❤️👊🏼
  • ashleywestinPretty nice!
  • ruthannbaconJessie I am SO PROUD of YOU!!! You will be (and have always been) an Amazing Success 🙌🏻🙌🏻🤗✨✨🎉🎉
  • glitterandgraceSo so excited for you friend and so proud of all you've poured into this. Your passion is inspiring and I'm so honored to be one of your cheerleaders!! 🍾🙌🏼🎉
  • julia_doughtyLove the dress Jessie! Quick question...do you think it would work for a newly pregnant lady with a growing belly? I know it's voluminous but wasn't sure how much room there was. Thanks lady!
  • ashlyncarterExcited for you!! Your drive is incredible!
  • moxie.oneLovely
  • martigueSo excited for you Jess !!!💝💖
  • groundedkidswear💙 🎈
  • simplyLove it 😍
  • narrowcollective💜
  • leaxfrancePretty cool :)
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