"I love myself". Such a simple phrase, yet so hard to accomplish. 
And what does it exactly mean? Do you love your body? Or is it your accomplishments? Or just you. For you.
Well, it is actually up to you. Self love can be exercised in different ways. Giving yourself space, and priority. Embracing your body and it's flaws. 
Appreciating your silliness and mending your mistakes. It can as simple as making yourself a pretty breakfast or eating your favorite cake. 
It can be exercising for your health and general wellbeing. It can be anything and everything that makes you, happy. 
Self love is tricky. And sticky. 
Saying "no" to a party because you know it is not a good day for that kind of extra anxiety. Distancing yourself from an unhealthy relationship. Or even putting your oxygen mask before your companion during a plane crash.
Self love is often classified as "selfish". Darling, self love is not selfish. It is necessary. It is fucking important. Anyway you manifest it, you cannot help others unless you are taking care of yourself first. ❤❤❤ @happinessinmymouth thanks for posting this!

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