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  • highlight.ikon_@elizayasmin32 no it's fake like I said! It was made as a April Fools joke by Monsta X France fans
  • ringo_angel@highlight.ikon_ no no!!! I didn't mean it was your fault 😅😅😅 I was talking in general to whoever it was. I didn't mean you as in you personally
  • ringo_angel@highlight.ikon_ no need to get annoyed, though I can understand why. Its obviously upset a lot of people and yiu seem to know a lot 😂😂😂
  • tammymaknae_This is not funny
  • highlight.ikon_@ringo_angel the way you wrote it made it look like you aimed it at me 😓😂 well yeah I saw the French page announce it was a joke, they were the ones who created this pic too. I just think it's stupid that Arpeggios posted it and then is still keeping quiet on the whole matter when it's obviously pissed a lot of people off! They shouldn't toy with people who already are having uncertainty of ever seeing their faves in their hometown/city. So ofc we are all gunna be annoyed by it
  • bangtanxxvThis is not funny...😶
  • genny.aliciaThis is the worst joke ever created.
  • ringo_angel@highlight.ikon_ yeah reading back it does look like I was aiming the comment at you, but I wasn't oops~ it's weird for they haven't said "btw guys it's a joke"... it's not exactly funny especially when we're obviously from countries where it's quite rare to see kpop bands (unlike certain states in America that always seem yo get them) so getting up hopes is just wrong even if it is suppose to be a joke.
  • highlight.ikon_@ringo_angel that's another reason why people are still so mad about it like April fools is over and done with so they should come clean already. I swear it's the worst April fools joke I've seen to date, they were a respectable organisers that me and other fans trusted yet they make a joke about smth like this that Is already a touchy subject for us since we rarely get our faves actually do concerts here. At least the Monsta X France fansite admitted it was a prank whereas Arpeggios still kept quiet
  • ringo_angel@highlight.ikon_ it's just unfair 😢😢😢 oh well. . . Nothing we can do about it really. They just have to say "sorry guys it was a joke" but the post is still up and everything
  • highlight.ikon_@ringo_angel I think they need to apologise personally. My friend who is only into MonX is raging aha she's so mad about it all
  • ringo_angel@highlight.ikon_ it is really unfair. It might be funny if Korean fans did it, or even Japanese but here where they'll rarely come. Its way too much, ya know? 😢😢😢😢
  • i_stopped_caring_This is the funniest thing ever to me, they ready had me going 💜😭😂😂😂😭👌🏾
  • mika_live_Poland!!!!!😍😍😍💕💖💞
  • msfrancesinha@guiga_margarida
  • msfrancesinhaEsquece, é mentira xD @guiga_margarida
  • princessumayaBring monsta c Sweden 🇸🇪
  • 17carat_juvi@trangmy._ Ein WUNDER ist geschehen sie kennen Deutschland😱
  • 17carat_juvi@trangmy._ ISSO
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