Featuring another poetic beauty that has taken part in the #YULoveYourSelfie challenge! Meet the talented @je.suis.diana :)⠀
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#Repost from @je.suis.diana : ⠀
Everyone of us has our own dreams, plans, goals and we take inspirations and get motivations from different things. We also have different strategies, processes and speed. For me, I am taking the slowly-but-surely process, but every time I feel like losing all the hopes I have left in me, I just remind myself this: "You don't get better at something by quitting. You get better by persevering. The more you do things, the better you become." 😊 Here's my second #selfie for the beautiful @younfolded 's #YULoveYourSelfie challenge. I keep forgetting but you guys need to join in. Also tagging my best friends that I love so much to do this challenge, @itslittlerivy @a.lovely_day @kristine_tan Remember that the goal for this challenge is to spread more self-love, because love should always start within yourself. ❤️❤️❤️ #selfmotivation #selfstrength #selflove ( #📷 @je.suis.diana via @latermedia )⠀
We are our own worst critics, when instead we should be our biggest fan. ⠀
There's no one like YOU which means you have invaluable traits to offer that no one else can!⠀
Join me in this self-love challenge:⠀
Take a candid selfie (the first pic u take), write a positive trait about yourself, tag a friend, and share #YUloveyourselfie ❤️
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