"For the second time, I find myself embarking on an investigation at the behest of an Alabamian horologist." #STown, Chapter IV #STownClocks
  • stownpodcast"For the second time, I find myself embarking on an investigation at the behest of an Alabamian horologist." #STown, Chapter IV #STownClocks

  • jessicawashingtonartsBreathtaking!!
  • lenniandme@lissieeeeeeee
  • lenniandmeHave that weird empty feeling after a great story binge. Filling it by looking at stuff like this. Thanks for a great tale Brian
  • _molo@stownpodcast may we please see Tom Moore's sundial? The floral design seems unique.
  • peachsocialiteWhere the freak is the gold?? Did I miss it?? I was on episode 7 before realizing there wasn't 8 😒
  • peachsocialiteThe moment you're listening to the most recent episode of This American Life and you find out STown is nonfiction🤠🤠🤑🤑time to go treasure hunting.
  • kajsalindohfI just spent the weekend listening to the whole series. Such a brilliant docu! Fascinating, sad, humorous and impossible to stop listening to. Thank you for this great programme! Listening from 🇸🇪
  • annebfaarI just finished listening. Thank you so much for sharing this story about John B. His life was magic and tragic and everything in between. It provoked so many reflections about one's own life and the lives of all of us.
  • wildirishvioletWow ! What a ride ! What a story ! You guys deserve an Emmy for this one 😍😍 Enthralling, magical,Gothic,Southern, sad, unreal, so real ....Loved every minute of it . Brian Reed , you are amazing !💙🦋💙
  • flowercamMore posts please! The podcast is so rich I want more!
  • mommak16I just finished listening to the entire series in 9 hours. I had only heard of the show in passing last Wednesday, March 29, 2017 but in that rather short span of time... (and what is time really in this world) John B. Mackelmore became a part of mine and will always have an impact on my life going forward. Thank you for sharing him!
  • gabbkiss@mrsincrediblyaverage agree! Would love to see the sundial.
  • collhornvet@marynozy look at this clock!
  • surfacewerksThat is a flipping amazing clock.
  • sam_hut@arrrison @scout_and_her
  • stephaniemurphy3011@vgcay loved this quote
  • lvancil@shanesalanger
  • dbs_photoSo glad I found this podcast. It's honest and intriguing. I especially enjoyed the sundial quotes. Kudos to all involved in producing this amazing story
  • betweenlove_n_kate@jazminmorgan how beautiful are the clocks John works on 😍
  • subrosafunkOne of my favorite Brian quotes!
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