I feel completely MIA this week BUT!! My absence has been because I've been working on a few exciting things! (TL;DR: this week's almost finished spread, new #bujo for April, super exciting things to be announced soon!) First of all, since I never posted my spread for this week, here are the (almost) finished pages. Hopefully, how I use all of my sections are pretty self-explanatory. Feel free to ask if not! First of all, I've also spent part of this week setting up my new, pretty lime green #leuchtturm1917 for April! 😍 I've been picking and choosing how I want this one set up and which elements and collections to migrate over. Always fun for a planner geek like me! And, finally, I'm working on something really exciting that I can't wait to share, so watch for an announcement in a couple of weeks!! 🙌🏼🎉 Happy Friday everyone!
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