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  • funcheaporfreeSorry for the double post but while I'm at it!... If you're going to cook this weekend, for heavens sake...DOUBLE IT and FREEZE IT! There are very few things you CAN'T freeze so save yourself the trouble on a future night and build up your arsenal of freezer meals. Your family will thank you. So will your wallet 😘. What's your favorite freezer meal? I'd love more ideas please! 👇🏻👇🏻#BehindThePages🎥

  • kjgodbold@lovebugmomma1 I butterfly it in half to make it thinner so it grills faster. Does that make sense?
  • lifeisgdygdI love freezer leftovers! I look forward to the day that we have a reasonable size freezer. For now... One freezer meal at a time 😂
  • mslexapexWhen potatoes go on sale for two 10lb bags for cheap I buy and make a ton of twice baked potatoes!
  • hannahgabbyross_415You guys have an amazing family! Keep doing your videos and being you!
  • kay_beccaMac & cheese, chili, homemade pizza dough or dough for dinner rolls, breakfast sandwiches, chicken-rice casserole (or any casserole really), soups without noodles, homemade chicken or vegetable stock in 1-2 c portions, homemade marinara sauce, banana bread.
  • saresheppI make these ground turkey meatballs. My kids love them! Last time I made them they went so fast and I thought I need to triple these to freeze as well. And they are super healthy!
  • funcheaporfree@stacjlars yes you can! I've made them! Just bake until heated through and I like to broil for a second at the end to crisp them up.
  • pabopsCostco is the best place to buy the disposable oven pans...IF the sizes work for what you need. I frequently by three rotisserie chickens at Costco (family of 8), take all the meat off the bone, and use it for so many recipes throughout the week! Inexpensive and time-saving!
  • n_c0r0nelI make chicken in the crockpot add a jar of salsa and we can have tacos, flautas (taquitos) nachos, and we can also just do with a side of rice and beans. We're Hispanic so we make lots of beans in the crockpot and I put some in a container in the fridge and freeze the rest because if I don't they tend to go bad since I don't make beans as a side enough. We also tend to have asado in the freezer, guisado de chile verde, menudo, Right now all in have frozen is a bag of posole, and a bag of the pioneer woman's D P pulled pork. Just means I have to make more meals.
  • ferngardner@n_c0r0nel how do you make your crockpot beans? I'm sure they're fantastic!
  • schwartz_aliciaOne jar of salsa, taco seasonings, and a large package of chicken in crockpot. Makes great taco meat. Freeze leftovers for taco soup or another batch of taco meat. Mmm!! (Tonight I'm heating my Polynesian chicken from your new Ebook!) Yesss!!
  • szmaezCan we get the recipe for this?
  • danascreationsAwesome! Wonder if it would work to make mini bites with your left overs. Use cornbread batter layered between the filling. Add cheese & bake. Kids may love & be quick snacks
  • maggiecgarnerOrange teriyaki salmon from our best bites. I don't even double it! The sauce just makes so much!! Spaghetti sauce and sloppy joe mix
  • tangerine_wallpaperI live in an apartment with a small freezer but I LOVE freezer meals. One of my favorites is collard greens and black eyed peas. I usually throw the top and bottom of a bell pepper, the middle stalks of celery, some carrots, a chopped onion, some garlic and seasonings in a zip lock bag. It's ready whenever I want to tie the mix up in some cheese cloth overnight. The next morning I toss the cheesecloth and throw in a bag of chopped greens and some frozen black eyed peas. Mmmmmm
  • kaywinsorWhere cam I get your hat?!
  • shay126Love to freeze spaghetti pie!
  • effortlesslifehacksKeep on rockin!
  • n_c0r0nel@ferngardner I never measure the beans but I think it's 2 pounds of beans that I clean and make sure I get all the half pieces out. I then rinse them and add to crockpot. I add half an onion 2-3 cloves of fresh garlic and 1-2 fresh jalapeños., I add salt to taste. I cook mine on high for 5-6 hours. I taste them at about the 4:30 mark to see if they need the extra time. When I'm ready to cook them I add either bacon grease or some lard to the pan and I add my beans. I let them warm up to a simmer and then I squish them with a potato masher. If you want refríed beans don't add to much of the juice. If we eat them with asado or another dish I like them to be a little runny. I usually only make refried beans when I'm making bean tacos or tostadas.
  • danihoneOk I know you use iMovie for your fun family videos but I cannot figure out for the life of me how to not get my videos cropped into s flipping square!!! It's driving me nuts. I take videos on my iPhone and bring them into iMovie on my phone and it always makes them square. HELP ME JORDAN!!! 😩
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