• livbydesignWow!! I honestly had no idea eggs were so bad for you!!! Even as a Vegan, this was the one animal product I've considered to be not so bad, particularly if you had your own chickens and new the eggs were clean & animals were happy!

    These cholesterol loaded eggs are designed to keep a growing baby chicken sustained for 21 days without food - which means it is loaded with hormones and all kinds of nasty stuff that is no bueno for our bodies!

    The scientific stat - 1 egg per day is as dangerous as 5 cigarettes per day for longevity! I had no idea!! I learned so much in the new documentary @whatthehealthfilm - mind blowing evidence - all animal products are so bad for your health!! Wait until you learn about your so called "lean chicken!"
    This is a MUST WATCH film for EVERYONE: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/whatthehealth
    #plantpower #vegan #healthandwellness #whatthehealth #saynotomeat #badegg #dairyisscary #diabetes #heartdisease #cancer #bewell #ownyourhealth

  • freedomtrybeWatching now!
  • livbydesign@freedomtrybe let me know what you think!
  • yoginionfireI can't believe that! 😳
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