If you could bring one FranklinCovey binder back from the past, which one would it be and WHY? Be specific - the more details the better! #tbt #planner #plannerlove #planneraddict #FranklinCovey #FranklinPlanner
  • franklin.plannerIf you could bring one FranklinCovey binder back from the past, which one would it be and WHY? Be specific - the more details the better! #tbt #planner #plannerlove #planneraddict #FranklinCovey #FranklinPlanner

  • lobabymamaThe Livi leather zipper binder in more colors. I have the classic size in eggplant and would love a compact size in a pink or light green!!!
  • mlpatentFrench seam!
  • angelladanielleFrench Seam. There is no other binder on the market like it that I've ever seen.
  • pavulamariaAurora Black!
  • pinkyloves2planFrench seam with bigger rings. My favorite 😍
  • the_scrappy_halfieThe black macaroon in A5!
  • kivahcanyonWhatever it is, please please please check that the leather is properly cured before the product ships. My last compact Aurora STILL reeks. I am using the original vintage Aurora from years ago and it is so soft and supple.
  • alicephotoshooterBoston and Marbella! Also, I love the Vintage Aurora comeback! You should keep it as a line product and introduce new colors from time to time (like Filofax does with the Malden). The Aurora is really awesome, it deserves it!
  • dogs_stationery_andfoodFrench seam. I love the floppiness of the binder. I came from planning in a travelers notebook so the French seam is perfect for the TN lover. I'd like to see this in a classic size as well.
  • marniesdThe one that handles looks like a purse!!
  • lula12062French Seam! And the vintage Aurora, but with the leather and unstructuredness of the original. No stiffness please!
  • thesassypineappleMacaroon!!! At least in compact size 😍😍😍
  • jenniferplansMeg...give me Meg in every color and every size!
  • oneiricblurwould be nice to see a brand like Franklin Covey @franklin.planner bring back classic styles but in innovative sustainable cruelty-free vegan leather instead. no more "eternally rotting skin of horrifyingly abused dead animals that are chemically treated with toxic substances additionally known to harm entire communities who have to live near these shameful facilities" on planners and art supplies. its 2017, the information age, get hip! please and thank you 🙌🏻😘
  • misstiya08It's not a binder but I loved, loved LOVED the Botanica wire-bound daily planner. That was my #1 planner. 💖 It was the perfect little "book" to keep me organized, the layout was just what I needed, and the page thickness was perfect. Please bring it back! 🙏🏾😩
  • pinkzazzlesChiara compact/classic. It was light to carry and streamlined with a small footprint. It had huge rings and yet never felt bulky. The leather was soft and flexible. The outside pocket on the back cover was handy to shove things into on the fly.
  • madreslatinasPlanner Love Aqua with gold polka dots with at least 1.25" rings
  • sheisaprettymessA French Seam or the Macaroon in black!
  • juniorswifeplansThe Quinn and/or the Audrey in Classic size. In black, gray or a nice wine color. Please and thank you! I miss having a variety of open styles without a strap or zipper! ☺️
  • juniorswifeplansAn open style in leather...not vinyl. I have a vinyl one and its "okay" but a nice leather one would be AWESOME!!!
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