• jolenehartEAT PRETTY SPRING DETOX: Week 2. This week on the @freepeople Bldg 25 blog (blog.freepeople.com), I'm sharing another one of my favorite ways to support detox and lymph flow during the spring season. Hint: it's ridiculously easy and requires only one ingredient. The end goal: glowing skin and a burst of spring energy! #EatPretty #spring #detox

  • livforskinYou're on fire! 🔥
  • flemingsmayfair🍾
  • sfonseca75Hi @jolenehart and thank you so much for your advice. Could you tell me a good water filter to use? Thank you! Big hug
  • thelastfirst💖
  • jolenehart@sfonseca75 there quite a lot of ways to filter, depending on your budget and preference. You can get a faucet-mounted filter that's rather inexpensive, spend a bit more on a big countertop filter like the Berkey, or go for whole-house filtration, which is the most $$$. Hope this helps!
  • vbaviles💖✌🏼🤗
  • bad_to_the_bonebrothLoving your book!!
  • sfonseca75@jolenehart thank you so much! Yes, it was very useful. Big hug
  • marloveandspecsLove this! 💗
  • seedphytonutrientslemon water is life
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