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  • doubleolenew song about time travel. got a few fresh ones. #cessna + #livePA vs. #scienceagrees

  • burton_sallyMagnifique merci
  • eliomaraiajr😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
  • imnotlenaI need to listen more!
  • alfonsorleyMy gaaad 😱😍😍please tour!
  • alfonsomartz92After Science Agrees I need to listen more from D.A.R.K. 😁
  • dominestarThaaaaaank u😍😍😍
  • midori_in_chainsCome play Los Angeles California please. I need D.A.R.K. live in my life!
  • dol_lory💝🌹
  • 1tipsyThanks! Hope you can show the result soooner than later...and hope this partership with Dolores will allow her to release double the material she is used to release... but for now we had really few new stuff in pur hands...
  • kylej81Love it! Want to hear more! Also still hoping you will post the live rehersal video of high fashion 🎧
  • sarang_randy😍😍😍
  • igororiordan👌👌
  • jammyd5527Hey ole....any chance we gonna get to see any more.of the dark rehearsal footage......??? Please please please!!!!!
  • gonzogarciauyDouble 💃🏻!!! ❤️
  • cristy_sevillaFull song Ole please <3333
  • iyurchenkoWow)
  • jordan.oliveira1977Just heard Watch out in Starbucks in London!!! I felt so happy for you guys. 👍🏻👍🏻
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