• rbbirdieI can distinctly remember being just nine years old and feeling very self-conscious about the size of my quads, which have always been muscular for my stature. 20 years later, I've decided to make up for too much lost time and consider an alternative perspective: Everything I've ever loved to do (team sports, running, being outdoors) has necessitated the use of my legs, and I've been blessed with a pair that are durable, strong, and on good days, relatively fast. So why would I see something that is in fact one of my greatest assets as some kind of liability? Pretty silly, when you think about it. It's certainly not easy, but I'm trying a little more everyday to remember that it's never too late to change the stories we tell ourselves, especially those about ourselves. Thank you @missmorganderson for this photo from this morning; I felt proud when I saw it.
  • aliontherun1🙌💕🐶🐶 (Translation: HELL YES, love this, Mona, Ellie)
  • 8fluidozFuck yes! Being blessed with muscles means doing crazy and fun things that make me feel strong! #ilovemythunderthighs
  • annaecourtney💪🙌💪🙌💪🙌💪🙌
  • tmiller7Amen @rbbirdie!! ❤️❤️
  • laurendgoodmanPerfectly stated!
  • runsforsmilesLove love love this!! Your body can do such amazing things ❤❤❤
  • kmarks624When I saw this picture this morning in the NP album I thought "Wow, Robyn is such a badass" ❤️
  • troy0330You are so awesome @rbbirdie
  • running_diaries_Totally agree! Thank you for the inspiring words 😄
  • prohdeYou're a beautiful human creature! Embrace. Love. Be!
  • jacidd87Preach, amen, hallelujah 🙌🏼❤
  • baileystieverYou are beautiful!
  • mkeys724YES! Your legs are fast as hell!
  • missmorganderson@isabelbroer and I discussed this and agreed: you are our #wcw
  • rlynnb87Sooooo much yessss!!! #thequadsquad
  • getaltigenGreat post!
  • heiditbabcockGorgeous!
  • yaoclinic👏
  • yaobodyworkGreat post 😃
  • yao_beautySuperb!
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