• maggiehdesignLast week she told me she wants to do 1/2 day first grade next year and I'm thinking that's a brilliant idea if only there was such a thing! I will miss our afternoons together like crazy!! Also I've been on the hunt for the perfect pink lipstick and I finally found it! I've been hearing great things about LipSense for months now and I can't believe I waited so long to try it! My cute friend @lipstickbyashley is your gal if you want to try it too. #happylittlemoments #elizabethkate

  • kellybird74You are so cute!! We really need to get together soon!! xoxo
  • huongieLove her happy smirk. And your hair! 😍💯
  • tiffchurch71/2 day first grade, love it! Both of you so cute!! Loved running into you today and getting to chat for a few min.
  • jolynn_pageYes for half day first grade! I'd be on board!
  • klmartin22Love both you gorgeous girls. Don't ever grow up Lizzie!
  • when_they_nap_i_craftI was blessed enought to go 1/2 a day to school up to 5th grade 😃 from 8am to 12:30pm is still that way in my home country.
  • lalani_hunsakerBeauties 💗
  • amytangerineAwwwwwww
  • karmannwSo beautiful!!!! Can't believe 1st grade! I swear I had just moved back and visited and she was just born!!!
  • lisa_mparkinSuch a cute picture of you two!! Ashley's the best! 😘😘😘
  • kristinaheidler2 Beauties! 💕✨💕
  • kristinaheidlerDid you get my message?😘
  • mariah.payneSo cute! What color lipsense is that?
  • nanas_oilsYes I love that Ashley girl and I love her lipsense. . She's on top of it all.
  • lifebeatsprojectSo darling you two!!
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