• questketoTonight's #transformationtuesday post is dedicated to this incredible woman 🙋! @missyjofit7200 won our @fit2fat2fit 60-Day Transformation Challenge created by Drew Manning 💪! Read Missy's story below and prepared to be inspired! Congrats Missy!
    "When we’d started this challenge in January I’d already lost 20 lbs. On keto, I’m eating such delicious foods! The days of handfuls of salty potato chips and running out the door are over! No more sugary bowls of cereal for me! By watching Victoria on Facebook Live, I found out I can keto-fy a Quest Bar, and I love them now! Drew, you’ve taught me how to do a Ketogenic diet correctly. I’m so thankful for every question you answer. God’s got more plans for me than just waking up and worrying about my weight every single morning. I’ve got important and positive things to do in this world!
    Here are just some of the benefits that I’ve seen from my keto 60 day transformation:
    🌟Fibromyalgia is gone!
    🌟I have so much energy
    🌟My life is more organized, house clean, etc because of all the energy!
    🌟Mental clarity
    🌟My blood pressure went from 176/125 to 116/76 (that was amazing to my doctor)
    🌟I’ve lost 15 lbs in this challenge, but 31 lbs total on keto since October
    🌟Sugar cravings are gone, in fact, I really don’t think about food much at all.
    🌟Most of all, I feel like I gained a sense of self-worth! Not because of my size, but because I’m so proud of myself. No more fad diets!
    🌟I started in a size 18/20 and now I’m in an 11/12.
    🌟Depression is gone! I jump out of bed ready for the day, bring it! . . .
    I’m living life slower, loving myself, and I found a new hobby. I LOVE LIFTING WEIGHTS! I’ve never lifted before this Challenge. Nothing reshapes your body like KETO+WEIGHTS! Now I want to educate myself more on keto and help anyone out there that needs it. “My why” at first was for my family and to inspire my girls. It’s that still, but I also want to help get the word out and help someone learn this way of eating and so they can start their own journey. I really have forgiven myself, l love the skin I'm in, and just want to be an inspiration to others. I choose this as my lifestyle now; it's not just a fad diet."

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  • sweet_tea_3_Would love to know about these KETO challenges. You have done amazing
  • missyjofit7200@sweet_tea_3_ our challenge was a lot of fun. Maybe there will be some in the future! Keto diet and lifting weights worked awesome!
  • sweet_tea_3_@missyjofit7200 thanks. I started on Jan 5 and end a challenge with a family team on April 6. I started at 199.6 and am probably around 182 now. Hopefully I can get to - total 20 lb loss. I despise cardio. I have to find something I like. A bit of walking is all so have been doing. April I need to push the fitness now that I have the eating all set
  • sweet_tea_3_What is the quest bar tip you mentioned?
  • missyjofit7200sweet_tea_3_ I really like 1/2 a Quest bar with coconut oil and a little almond butter on it. You have done great! Keep it up. I wish I liked cardio too. I have a big respect for people who love to run.
  • dogmdinlaWish someone would describe how to "keto -fy" a quest bar. I can't do Splenda. So what are the other options..
  • jusobeyWay to go!!!! You rock!!!!
  • muzza_otball the power to you!
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