• lizletchfordI am often asked about my skincare routine. To be quite honest, my skin wasn't always clear and bright. I spent years believing the media hype that harsh chemicals and exfoliants would help clean and balance my skin, when in reality I needed to restore my skin's protective barrier and balance my skin microbiome from the inside out.
    I've spent the past few years perfecting my skincare routine and wanted to share a few of my favorite products and tips!
    Tip 1. Scrub less. The biggest thing that helped me was chilling out with the @clarisonic, allowing my skin's incredible protective barrier to regain strength. With that barrier intact, my skin is much more able to naturally protect against bacteria and inflammation leading to redness and breakouts. .
    Tip 2. Probiotics! Your skin health reflects your gut health. I was dealing with poor digestion due to a weak gut microbiome, so I began eating easy to digest foods and taking a probiotic. Bam - my skin cleared up within a week. .
    Tip 3. Use high-quality products that truly have the skin-nourishing vitamins and compounds they claim to have ... in their active form. @marieveronique_ has always been a long time favorite line of mine. Marie has worked closely with biochemist-turned-skincare guru @kristina_holey to ensure the highest quality oils and serums. #fav
    I have tagged a few of my favorite skincare and makeup brands, check them out!

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  • katekendallWhat probiotics do you recommend?
  • lizletchford@katekendall I can't recommend any particular brand because I just checked out some research that found most probiotics don't contain what they claim on the bottle. However I have heard that Johnson & Johnson is one of the best quality out there - need to test it for myself. In the past I used garden of life with good success!
  • guavagurlWhy are probiotics such a mystery.#?! I'm always at a loss when it comes to buying "a good one". And I really don't tell a big difference when I'm on them, but everyone says to talk them 🤔
  • lizletchford@guavagurl right?! I'm a huge fan of fermented foods- sauerkraut, kombucha, etc - always in my fridge!
  • barbellblondieGreat post Liz! Love the info!
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  • drameliahausauerLet me know if you'd ever like to talk skincare. I have lots of tips and recommendations. Maybe a joint post:)
  • lizletchford@drameliahausauer yes please!!
  • yogizinhaI loved this little share post! I am personally looking to improve my skin from hormonal imbalances so thank you for the organic cosmetic tips!
  • yogizinhaI also read your bio on your website and you are so impressive! Congratulations on all your research! I am studying to be a health coach and will be moving to San Francisco in the fall! Can't wait to possibly connect in the future!
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