A little brush for all the tiny house details 🌿 #BeccasWorkspace #BeccasHomes
  • beccacahanA little brush for all the tiny house details 🌿 #BeccasWorkspace #BeccasHomes
  • emilytebbettsSo cuteeee
  • beccacahan@emilytebbetts thanks lady! Going to be starting painting custom house portraits :) so excited, I love them!!
  • beccacahan@emilytebbetts PS hope everything with your potential house is going well!!!
  • emilytebbetts@beccacahan omgggg LOVE that idea!! Totally hiring you to do ours, maybe one of this place and one of the new place!! And thanks!! Things are going well so far, hopefully closing a month from today!
  • beccacahan@emilytebbetts totally! Other than new houses I think it's a beautiful idea to have a set for people who have owned more than one place, as a really special memento :) but yay that's SO exciting! Crossing fingers!!
  • emilytebbetts@beccacahan yesss that's exactly what I'm thinking! Such a great idea! And thanks gf!!
  • mrs.andersen@beccacahan I would love to hire you to do custom house portraits! How do I sign up?
  • beccacahan@mrs.andersen shoot me an email hello (at) beccacahan (dot) com -it would extra help if you included even just a mediocre pic of the house for me to get an idea :) I haven't officially launched to the public yet but would love to do a couple more pre-launch at an introductory (i.e. Cheaper than they will be later 😉) price. I'd love to do one for you!
  • tracylkitchenLove these details!
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