Alrighty folks! You have voted the winners into the next round! The teams have made some adjustments in preparation for their next matchup! Here are this week's contenders in our March Madness burger series! 
The "Rusty Wilson" - 1/4# patty, fried cheese curds, coleslaw, pulled smoked ham, Carolina gold bbq, arugula! Inspired by our customers Kavin and Jess! 
And The "Swayze Train" - 1/4# patty, maple glazed bacon, spicy cream cheese, onion ring, jalapeño jack cheese, arugula, roadhouse sauce! Inspired by our customer Mark! 
Get here early and get your votes in often folks! Available Tue-Fri this week from 4-6! Only $5! #burgerporn #burger #foodporn #foodgasm #eater
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