• livbydesignToday marks 1 year since my husband and I permanently ditched alcohol! (Technically it would be a little over 2 years but we still partook in a few holiday cocktails the first go-round, so we made it official for a full & permanent ditch of alcohol on 3/25/16 and it's been the BEST decision we've ever made!

    Removing alcohol has been so liberating in so many ways!! You don't realize what an attachment it is and such a center of focus of so many activities and such a distraction until it's gone!
    Removing alcohol from our lives has given us such mental clarity, clean energy, an extremely happy & positive outlook on life and has allowed us to be more present with our children, our friends and family. It has also freed us to nurture our bodies, strengthen our minds, get more restful sleep & deepen our spiritual practice.
    We couldn't be any happier than we are this very moment! I'm so proud of our journey together to ultimate health, deep love & higher consciousness!
    I am so very grateful to have such an incredibly loving & supportive husband to do this wonderful thing called life with!! Cheers to a lifetime more of fun, wholesome, sober-living!
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