• goddess.gleamsBreasts are far more than simply a beautiful feminine aesthetic. They play a key role in the regulation of hormones and feminine health. It's important to know that the blood supply comes primarily from the internal mammary artery, which runs underneath the main breast tissue. Providing nutrients, such as oxygen, to the breast tissue. The lymphatic vessels of the breast flow in the opposite direction of the blood supply and drain into lymph nodes. It is through these lymphatic vessels that breast cancers metastasize to lymph nodes. Most lymphatic vessels flow to the axillary (under arm) lymph nodes, while a smaller number of lymphatic vessels flow to internal mammary lymph nodes located deep to the breast. Knowledge of this lymphatic drainage is important (read about the benefits of breast massage below). It is imperative that we make an effort to research the ingredients in any pills or products before taking.⬇️ Breast enhancement pills:
    Breast enlargement pills contain a blend of ingredients that are specific to the manufacturer. Individual side effects may not be listed. Unintended side effects could also occur due to certain prescription drugs you may already be taking such as hormones, birth control pills, antidepressants etc. Changes in blood composition could also take place especially if you're anemic or taking blood thinners. Taking extra hormones can even cause some non-breast-feeding women to produce milk if Prolactin hormone levels become elevated. Other negative side effects can include; Infertility, Irregular Menstruation, Reduced Libido, Increased Risk of Stroke. I'd strongly advise against these pills as they could cause serious harm which could be irreversible. ⬇️

  • goddess.gleamsBreast enhancement cream vs. oil: While topical options are safer, always choose an all natural, organic alternative. I prefer oils over cremes. Keep in mind that breasts need the right combination of air and moisture to prevent rashes and skin blotches. Unless there is a wound that needs dressing, avoid using oils that block air and moisture. Allow skin to breathe to remain soft and conditioned. Plant-based oils are a favorite because they provide natural benefits to the skin. @genetixorganic bust enhancment/ beautification oil is phenomenal! Enhances and enlarges naturally by promoting the growth and division of new cells. Exceptional for Lifting and strengthening the delicate skin while fading stretch marks and restoring suppleness; without the use of hormones. 🌸Whats even more impressive is the promotion of optimal feminine health through an exclusive blend of 9 high quality organic herbs. Eases breast pain and cramps during Moon time and even reduces PMS and some Menopausal symptoms. Making this potion a Goddess essential. Micro batches are handcrafted by babes in California for potency; ensuring that quality and effectiveness are absolute! Check out the website for more information, review, before/after pics and a list of the ingredients. (http://theorganiclifeblog.com/product/genetix-oil/).⬇️
  • goddess.gleams🌸Taking breast care into your own hands🌸 The application recommended by the Organic life blog is equally as outstanding and beautiful. Perfect extension to a nightly bathing ritual. Click this link for more! (http://theorganiclifeblog.com/my-natural-breast-augmentation-story-with-beforeafter-photos/). Apply 1-2 pumps into your hands. Activate the oil by rubbing your hand together till warm. Massage each breast in a circular motion towards your heart. Let the potent herbs + oil work their magic! Both medical and holistic health practitioners recommend breast massage. It is vital that you familiarize yourself with the shape and feel of your breasts in order to detect any abnormalities. Early detection could be the key to saving your life. Coupled with therapeutic herbs and oils also flushes out lymphatic metabolic waste. Texas Institute of Functional Medicine states; it is a reliable means of flushing out toxins from the body's lymphatic system. Because toxins impede healthy circulation in the breasts, toxic buildup could account for an increased chance of developing cancer. Breast massage stimulates drainage of the breasts' lymphatic system, which eliminates harmful waste products and allows nutrient-rich blood to travel to the breast tissue. Also helps to break up benign cysts, strengthens the muscle tissue of the chest and builds resiliency in the ligaments. According to the Ayurvedic Cure website, massaging your breasts stimulates circulation, which is necessary for keeping your breast tissue healthy. It's primary purpose is to rid your body of the harmful toxins that interfere with your health; there are also many cosmetic and therapeutic benefits to breast massage as well. @genetixorganic #organicbeauty #naturalbeauty
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