• theshackmovieThe love of Papa is boundless. See @TheRealOctaviaSpencer in her powerful role in #TheShack - Now Playing In Theaters. Find tickets in the bio link!

  • randimae1I went to see this movie alone. I sat between two kind couples who talked to me before the movie started and said they had tissues for me because I didn't bring any. After the movie was over we all sat in our seats for a moment in aw. Talked a little bit about our lives as if we were old friends. I'll probably never see them again but the movie had a presence that made us feel connected like family for a moment. 🦋thank you.
  • jacquelinemccall❤️❤️❤️
  • mantomenmentorsGreat movie.
  • johnb0923Why are they pulling this out of theaters already..
  • stan_eleskyGreat Movie MUST SEE!!!!
  • flingogal@theshackmovie do you know when this opens in Australia please?
  • elizadc07Praise God loved it
  • christislife97@theshackmovie that movie is blasphemy, antichristian and not biblical.
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