Storms on the horizon for this #fordtrucks and #airstream crew.  With @gm3sf.
  • _daveburnsStorms on the horizon for this #fordtrucks and #airstream crew. With @gm3sf.

  • herboldadventureIs it my imagination, or is that the closest I've ever seen @gm3sf willingly park next to someone while boondocking?
  • gm3sf@herboldadventure I dug out a ravine between us. Dave's a bit shady you know? 😂
  • rhondahendricks@_daveburns @gm3sf Maybe we can add to the Airstream/Ford combo when we make our way over there from Moab!
  • _daveburns@rhondahendricks our exact spot will likely be filling by tomorrow. We are eyeing other spots near us which we think will be opening up. Check in with me as you get closer to Hurricane and I will give you an update. Would be good to meet you guys.
  • rhondahendricks@_daveburns awesome thx Dave!
  • _daveburns@rhondahendricks a quick update - if you are still planning to come this way, two rigs departed our spot this morning so we will be able to accommodate new arrivals. We are 3-5 min walk from others here or arriving later today.
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