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  • discoveringlegaciesWhen you tell your friends and family you'll go cage diving with white sharks, one third will tell you that your bat shit crazy, one third will say "Oh my god! I wish I could come!" and your African friends be like: "That's some shit only white people will do!" Hahaha😂😂😂 It surely was amazing but not quite the adrenaline kick I expected. Is it bad to say that I felt "too safe" 😜?

  • travel.princessThat's pretty much the reactions I had. More like 1/2 thought I was crazy. It was amazing though, if not over too quickly. I want to go back again
  • discoveringlegacies@travel.princess I know right 😂 I'd love to go back too but stay longer and get more serious dive gear
  • discoveringlegacies#shark #southafrica #sharkalley
  • superjulietI get an adrenaline kick just watching this 😬😂!
  • discoveringlegacies@superjuliet glad this alone did the job for you 😂😂
  • siskapoliThat's AMAZING
  • superjuliet😂
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