• thelifeandrhymesWe don't normally publish articles on the weekends but we felt this is a pressing issue that needs to be addressed immediately.
    "Please, every person who reads this page, watch out for your children, for your daughters, and for the daughters of your neighbors.
    We have to get back to being a community rather than an individual in a community. To my friends, in the DMV you have my thoughts and prayers. Be vigilant with your children. Make sure they are aware of their surroundings at all times. I’m also asking for every man to step it up. Watch out for these precious little girls. They’re out there stealing our next Gwen Ifills, Sonia Sotomayors, Ellen Ochoas, and Michelle Obamas. Don't allow it to continue happening. Not on your watch." #linkinbio .
    #TheLifeAndRhymes #ContentThatMatters #MissingDCGirls #MissingGirls #DC #Help #community #realnews

  • withloveav@d.anthony.m THANK YOU for writing this!! Probably the most important thing that @thelifeandrhymes has published so far! #ContentThatMatters
  • d.anthony.m@withloveav thanks. It's crazy to think we would even have to write about something like this.
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